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Subaru OEM Coolant System Conditioner - 125mL

Some Subaru models are notorious for head gasket issues. Subaru developed this additive with Holts to prevent problems from faulty head gaskets. Use one of these every time you do you your 30,000 miles coolant flush. If adding it before your next flush, just remove 4oz from your radiator (when cool). It is a brown goupy solution with chunks, you must shake VERY well before pouring. Some owners swear by this stuff, some are mad they have to use it in the first place, and some put it in and forget it. Recently has seen widespread use in non-Subaru makes because of it's excellent performance compared to other Stop Leak products. If your car is showing signs of head gasket issues, it is advised to try this out, and then use it with every coolant flush. Other head gasket failure preventions: - Make sure your battery terminals are corrosion free

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