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Killer B FA20 FMIC Air Oil Separator Barebones Kit - 15-18 WRX

Killer B are pure artists in metal fabrication, and they have a large catalog with a wide variety of performance enhancing, oiling, fabrication components, along with accessories for your interior, exterior, or your engine bay.

On this page, you are looking at the Killer B Motorsport Barebones Air Oil Separator Kit specifically designed for the FA20 engine platform, and it is also specifically designed for those of you who are employing a front mount intercooler setup. The intended function of this kit is to remove oil in liquid or in vapor form from the vented crankcase gasses. This is dependent on your driving style as well with several variables that include different pressure and velocity conditions, different engine setups with varying venting characteristics, as well as driving styles between a track car and a street car. In either condition, the Killer B Motorsport Air Oil Separator works well to get the job done.

The Killer B Motorsport AOS functions with a vacuum source only through the turbo inlet. This provides the vacuum source for the crankcase, and it is no way affected by the turbo size. A larger turbo that draws more air will improve the separator function as it compensates for increased venting requirements seen at improved performance levels. Larger turbochargers will produce more crankcase vacuum and the drain back design assures that any oil accumulation ends up back in the oil pan, which will provide a consistent oil supply to the engine. 

This air/oil separator has been fabricated from 6061-T6 billet aluminum materials and features 6 stainless steel bolts on top to make for quick and easy inspections as well as cleaning. 

A bracket, as well as hardware, will be included to make this air/oil separator ready for the installation. 

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