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Perrin Performance Resonated Catback Exhaust - 17+ Civic Type R


The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R is a true catback exhaust. Many competitors catback exhausts do not mate directly to the catalytic converter, but rather, to an easier-to-reach flange located behind the subframe. The ALTA exhaust system replaces the entire exhaust after the catalytic converter for a true 3" catback.


To combat the natural resonance the engine produces, the ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R has a much needed Helmholtz Chamber. This unique and precision engineered feature is what sets our system apart from others, ensuring a sporty tone without the ear-bleeding resonance found on many systems for these cars.


The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R ditches the tri-tip look of the OEM exhaust and goes with a larger twin-tip design to fill the bumper. The over-sized 5.25" slash cut exhaust tips add a purposeful race car look compared to the not-so-functional look of the tri-tip OEM exhaust.


The ALTA muffler in this system is a straight-through design with an internal “Y” for increased horsepower and a sporty tone. 

The muffler mounting brackets are adjustable, when combined with the adjustability of the butt connectors along the rest of the system, allow you to position your muffler tips exactly the way you want.


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