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Aquamist HFS-4 Water / Meth Injection System

Introducing the Aquamist HFS-4, the newest and most capable water/alcohol injection system in the world! The HFS-4 brings never before seen features to the water alcohol injection market. Some of these features are:

•Auto sensing inputs for conventional and Direct Injection applications
•User adjustable proportioning of IDC to Boost inputs for tuning the injection curve
•New flow sensor hardware and mapping features for the best failsafe and user interface
•Added functionality for interfacing with many standalone EMS and piggy-back systems

Built on the foundation of the rock-solid HFS-3, the new HFS-4 system adds new features to make it the most advanced system Aquamist has ever produced. The most exciting new feature of the HFS-4 is the user adjustable trimming of boost and IDC inputs. This gives the user infinite adjustability of the injection curve.

In conjunction with the new boost input that can be mixed with the IDC signal, the boost input can be scaled with a link on the back of the controller. The options are 2bar, 3bar, and Absolute.

The new HFS-4 also has 3 fixed flow maps with expanded range for one through multiple jets. This expanded range ensures the HFS-4 can handle any flow rate the pump and valve combination can throw at it.

Of course the HFS-4 continues the tradition of PWM valve injection which is unmatched in the industry. The PWM injection provides unmatched control of the injection amount allowing precise mapping of the injection curve with load. The effect on the vehicles AFR are consistent in any gear and load situation providing for optimum driveablity and performance.

The HFS-4 also features the best flow sensor in the world for the application, made in-house at Aquamist, capable of flowing ANY water or alcohol mixture or concentration. This unit has been produced and continually developed for over a decade and thousands of units.

Integration with standalone EMS or Piggy-back systems has never been easier. With the variable input, the system can be driven with either a PWM or 0-5V signal. The unit also has 0-5v and raw pulse outputs from the flow sensor for feedback to the control system.

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