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Boomba Racing 60mm Throttle Body Spacer Red - 16+ Focus RS / 13+ Focus ST

This is the Boomba Racing Focus RS Throttle Body Spacer. The intended design of this component is to provide more volume to your intake plenum. This will help in smoothing out your throttle body response, improve boost response, and lengthen the effective wave pulse of the intake charge. This spacer has been fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum materials and will come provided with corrosion resistant hardware to make this component ready for installation.

Additionally, the spacer will also include a 1/8" NPT port that can be used for many purposes, and it will come in an anodized red finish

irl design on this component will help promote airflow by breaking the surface tension of the incoming air for better performance and fuel economy. 

Instructions, gaskets, as well as mounting hardware, will be included to make this throttle body spacer ready for the installation. 

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