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Boomba Racing Intake Manifold Spacer Natural Finish - 16+ Focus RS / 13+ Focus ST / 15+ Mustang Ecoboost

The Boomba Racing Intake Manifold Spacer makes for an excellent upgrade due to its many design features. This intake spacer will add volume to the air entering your head and will help in cylinder filling at lower RPMs. This will improve and smooth out the throttle response, help with boost response, and lengthen the effective wave pulse of the intake charge. 

This intake manifold spacer has been fabricated from high-grade billet aluminum materials and will include 8 1/8" NPT threaded ports that can be used for aftermarket injection setup, otherwise, it will come provided with a plug for those who decide not to go that route. 

Boomba includes corrosion resistant hardware, as well as an engine cover stud relocation kit to allow those of you to retain the stock engine cover. And once installed it will not require a retune.

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