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New Provisions Racing Tuning Package V2 - TGV/EGR/EBCS Combo - 15-19 WRX

This combo includes:

  • IBR Complete TGV Deletes
  • IBR EGR Deletes
  • GrimmSpeed EBCS

The I Build Race Cars TGV Delete for the 2015+ WRX platform is a complete one piece TGV delete. Unlike any other product on the market these aluminum parts replace both the TGV assembly and the plastic lower section of the intake. The lower plastic divided section creates a large restriction due to both reductions in cross-section as well as increasing the amount of surface area per cross section of airflow.

Traditional TGV deletes only remove the main TGV assembly. This one-piece replacement also reduces the amount of sealing surfaces and thus eliminates one more place for a boost leak to occur. The lower sealing surface is machined for OEM seal ring.

The I Build Race Cars EGR Delete Kit for the FA20DIT motor is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and comes with everything you need for the install. The kit includes an OEM Subaru crush gasket for the EGR port on the head since they should never be re-used. Like all of our products they are CAD designed in house for a precise fit.

The advantages of a 3-port boost control system vs. the factory 2-port system are readily apparent during the tuning process. The 3-port systems work by interrupting the boost signal traveling from the turbo to the wastegate. That boost is redirected back into the turbo inlet and re-ingested by the turbo using their machined adapter. This is important, as the factory Mass Airflow Sensor has already measured that air and is expecting that your motor will use it during combustion, rather than venting it to the atmosphere. The factory configuration simply 'bleeds' the signal from between the turbo and wastegate, which creates a system that is a bit less complex, but reacts more slowly and with less precision.

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