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Perrin Air-Oil Separator Neon Yellow - 15-19 WRX

This has been designed to trap oil from the crankcase vents before it enters the intake to reduce carbon buildup, reduce carbon build-up, increase intercooler efficiency, and to reduce the chance of detonation.


  • Not A Catch Can - The air oil separator separates the oil from the air while draining it back to the engine
  • Swirl Pot Technology - The multi-layer baffle design forces incoming engine blow-by to move rapidly across the baffles to separate oil from the engine blow-by
  • Heated By Coolant - The base plate of the air oil separator is heated by coolant drawn from the engine which heats the entire air oil separator to the same temperature of the engine blow-by to reduce condensation
  • Increases intercooler efficiency
  • Reduces carbon buildup
  • Includes CNC machined fittings
  • Includes PERRIN Turbo Sump Pump Restrictor
  • Includes a custom purpose built crankcase fitting
  • Includes all necessary hardware

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