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Tomei V2 Catless Straight Downpipe - 08-14 WRX / 08-18 STI

TOMEI Expreme Downpipe It is commonly believed that performance efficiency can be improved by reducing the secondary exhaust pressure from the turbine. The torque will be affected when the pipes diameter is too wide. TOMEI had invested over a year in researching all possible aspects and combinations for the best performance gain throughout the entire area. The end result was a decrease in exhaust resistance in all areas and best results is achieved with our Outlet ( dump pipe ) and front pipe as a combined set.

  • 2 Piece Layout - The newly designed 2 piece Layout promote even weight distribution, minimize dimension changes from heat expansion and complete precise installation.
  • Outlet - Lost-Wax casting require NO welding thus deliver superior precision and strength.
  • T/C Flange - Significant diameter increase resulting dramatic exhaust flow improvement.
  • Exit Flange - The flat flange adapts wide range of aftermarket exhaust systems. (excluding stock).
  • Sensor Bung - A/F sensor ready.

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