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Measuring your Wheels to Determine Clearance for Big Brake Kits - 2022+ WRX

January 16, 2024

One of the most popular questions we get asked when it comes to big brake kits is "Will my wheels clear?" While there is a lot of knowledge on what does and does not fit the older WRX's, the new 2022 WRX VB threw a wrench in everything that we know with the new front suspension. 

Luckily you've come to the right place to help determine wheel clearance for your 2022 WRX VB brake kit.


  • Step 1:  Remove a front wheel
  • Step 2: Place the wheel carefully on its face and measure the three dimensions A/B/C with two straight edge rulers (preferably in metric mm)
  • Step 3: To allow for flex within the wheel, we recommend allowing 2mm of buffer between what you measure and what is required
  • Step 4: We want to measure B first. From the center of the wheel, measure to 103.6mm.
  • Step 5: Once you've gotten to 103.6mm at B, use the second ruler to measure A.
  • Step 6: Write down the measurement you took for A.
  • Step 7: C is not as important as most 18" wheels will clear the our STI brake upgrade kit, but if you wanted to measure, you will measure 190.5mm from the center of the wheel. 


What did you measure for A? Did you measure more than 43.2mm? 

Yes - Your wheels should clear our STI V1.5 or V2.0 brake kit. The higher the number, the more clearance your wheels will have.

No - Unfortunately your wheels will not clear the V1.5 or V2.0 brake kit and a wheel spacer would be required to space the wheel away from the brake calipers.

Picture below, customer has the stock 18" wheels and is running a 20mm spacer. From the picture you see, his (A) measurement is around 56-57mm. This number is greater than 43.2mm so this customer will have plenty of space between his new STI brake calipers and his stock wheels.

For full dimensions of the entire brake caliper and fitment, please see the diagram at the bottom of the page. This diagram is NOT to scale.