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16-18 Ford Focus RS Performance Parts

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Ford Focus RS Performance Parts

Here at New Provisions Racing we don’t just sell Subaru and Honda Civic parts, we’ve got you covered when it comes to buying the best performance parts for your 16-18 Ford Focus RS. We’ve got all of the best performance parts you’re looking for to really upgrade your Ford Focus RS. Our online store has every part you’ll need to help your Ford Focus RS breathe like it never has before with GrimmSpeed Dry Element air filters, Go Fast Bits blow off valves, and Boomba Racing intake manifold spacers. We’ve got you covered with the best cooling parts like the SteamSpeed front mount intercooler and Mishimoto silicone radiator hose kits. To help let out all of that forced induction air, we carry every exhaust part you’ll need from DEI exhaust wrap kits to full Borla Cat-Back systems.

New Provisions Racing is your premiere place to go for all Ford Focus RS performance parts. We offer everything you need for your Focus RS to go faster. From air induction systems to cooling, from engine management to exhaust parts, and from fuel systems to turbos, we’ve got you covered. Simple Ford Focus RS performance parts can make a big difference when it comes to adding power and overall performance to your car. Don’t pay more than you have to from a shop for simple parts like Turbosmart Silicone Vacuum hoses and Go Fast blow off valves with whistling trumpet attachment. New Provisions Racing is here to offer you options when it comes to each and every aspect of your Ford Focus RS performance parts. Here at New Provisions Racing we know that keeping your car’s running temperature as cool as possible plays a big parts in your car’s overall performance and drivability. That’s why we bring you top of the line cooling components like the StreamSpeed front mount intercooler, Mountune ultra high performance silicone boost hose kits, and Mishimoto thermostatic oil cooling kits. 

Ford Focus RS Parts for Sale

New Provisions Racing stocks the best performance parts you can buy online for your Ford Focus RS. Our fuel system performance parts will ensure your Ford Focus RS is getting the amount of fuel it needs to meet the high demands of racing and tearing up the streets. From injectors to fuel filters, we’ll make sure your RS is running like it should be. The Ford Focus RS wouldn’t be the beast it is without its turbo which is why we stock the best air induction performance parts you can buy for your RS like the Precision Turbo Stage 1 turbocharger, the TIAL Q 11PSI blow off valve, and all of the supporting parts you’ll need like the GrimmSpeed universal adjustable wastegate bracket and the Tial QRJ 38mm V-Band clamp kit. Not sure about what to buy to get the best performance from your Ford Focus RS? Call us at 919-666-7642 to speak with one of our staff members who would love to point you in the right direction!

Accessory engine dress up parts help you add your own touch to your vehicle’s aesthetics. MeLe Design Firm has designed a lightweight battery mount for your 13+ Focus ST to help with your weight reduction. Boomba Racing has come out with an oil cap that comes in red, white, blue, and black as well as aluminum dipstick handles in the same color. Let’s be honest though you got a Ford Focus ST because you like to go fast, and engine management systems allow you to unleash more power that’s harnessed within your engine. You can buy an aftermarket intake, management module, intake system cover, and all other accessory parts or you could get it all in one kit for a lower price. The AFE power scorcher GT power package is one of the best noninvasive Ford Focus RS performance parts you can purchase on the market today. The AFE power scorcher GT power package comes with a Takeda retain cold air intake system, an intake system cover, the Scorcher GT module, and a restore kit. This intake combined with this module have been dyno tested to boost your Focus RS’s horsepower by up to 30 horses and increase torque by up to 45 ft lbs.