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AEM UEGO Wideband Controller 4.9LSU AFR Gauge

Wideband gauges are some of the most overlooked, yet imperative gauges you can have in your car. If your engine is highly modified, or if you plan on modifying your engine, then a wideband gauge is a must for your tuner, and a must for yourself to modify the overall running welfare of your engine.

If you’re adding modifications to your vehicle, and are boosting under a whim how can you know how your engine is running? If you’re running to lean you will cause pre-mature engine damage and you’re not gonna have a good time. Invest wisely and get a wideband gauge. This particular example from AEM features an easy to read 52mm interface. Comes with a Bosch sensor, and reveals AFR’s in real time.

Serial data stream included for output of AFR (RS 232) 

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