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Revel VLS OLED Boost Gauge 52mm - Universal

This is the Revel VLS Electronic Boost Pressure Gauge. What's great about this particular gauge is that it comes in a 52MM sizing, but can read all the way to 45 PSI. Boost gauges are one of the more crucial gauges you can have in your forced inducted vehicle to let the driver know that you're hitting your set boost targets every time. Boost gauges can also be used as a tool to help diagnose potential vacuum leaks, boost leaks, and if you're over boosting, then you could have an issue with your turbocharger components such as a wastegate issue or boost controller issue. 

Revel gauges feature an Organic Light Emitting Diode which when compared to your typical LCD display, the OLED display provides a sharper contrast which results in a deeper black display to provide a more clear image that is more reader friendly at a quick glance.  This technology also allows for undistorted viewing angles approaching 170 degrees. This technology also does not require a backlight to be clearly visible at night which also allows for a slim profile of the gauge.

This is a 52MM gauge that will come provided with a sensor, all of the required wiring for operation, along with a gauge cup, gauge hood, vacuum fittings, and miscellaneous hardware to make this gauge ready for installation. 

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