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APR Performance Brake Rotor Cooling Kit - 15+ WRX/STI

If you are a regular track participant or enjoy occasional spirited driving while adding more performance to the front brakes, then you will certainly appreciate the APR Brake Cooling Plates. These are a direct replacement of your front factory equipped dust plates and are fabricated from strong, lightweight carbon fiber. These brake cooling plates allow the user to custom mount cooling hoses to the front of your vehicle to route back to the brake cooling plates. This will greatly benefit those under extreme driving conditions such as a time attack or an HPDE day where the brakes constantly stay hot.

The APR Brake Rotor Backing Plate is a must have for those of you who like to participate in high-performance driving events such as weekend track days, or high levels of spirited driving. So how will this kit benefit your vehicle? For instance, if you are racing in any event where heavy braking is required, you risk getting your brakes so hot that you create brake fade. Brake fade happens when your pads get so hot that they glaze over your rotors which eliminates any friction whatsoever, then bad things really start happening.

The APR Brake Rotor Backing Plate is a direct replacement of your dust cover on your front rotors. The hose will attach to these backing plates which you can custom route to the front of your vehicle to draw in any cool air. The air will directly hit the surface of the rotor to promote better cooling. 

And like most APR products, these backing plates have been fabricated from high-grade carbon fiber for strength and durability. Included will be a pair of backing plates, a pair of hoses, worm clamps, as well a zip ties to make these backing plates ready for installation. 

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