df Carbone-Lorraine RC6E Brake Pads - 04-17 STI - New Provisions Racing

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Carbone-Lorraine RC6E Brake Pads - 04-17 STI

Endurance racing pad, similar levels of power to RC6 but around 30-40% more life. This is only of use to you if changing the pads will cost you time in pit stop changes. They're also extremely easy on rotors. They initially appear expensive, but when you factor in how long they will last (along with your rotors), they're actually a tremendous value. While having slightly lower bite than the RC6, the RC6E still has more bite than most other race pads on the market.


Composition Sintered
Category Endurance
Max Operating Temp* 1800F
Dust High
Noise High
Bite / Mu High
Judder/Vibration Low
Pad wear Very Low
Rotor wear Low


*Note on Pad Size

Sintered materials tend to expand more than other types of pads under high heat track conditions. CL allows for greater expansion by manufacturing their pads to a smaller initial size. You therefore may experience some movement of the pad within the caliper, which can result in a clunking sound, and is most noticeable when changing directions (front to reverse, etc.). Please keep in mind that these are racing pads, and some NVH can be expected!

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