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DBA T3 4000 Brake Rotor Package Deal - Choice of Pads - 11-14 WRX

Bundle your brake pads/rotors/ss lines and save!

Slotted rotors by DBA are a great alternative to drilled rotors. They serve the same purpose of breaking down hot brake gas but provide better resistance to cracking. The slotted pattern allows for increased pad bite and improved air circulation. The slots help to sweep away gas and dust. If you drive hard, race or use your vehicle off-road or for towing purposes, slotted rotors are a perfect choice for you. The internal vane design of these vented rotors by DBA provides excellent heat dissipation during brake cycles. As the wheel spins, the vanes around the edge of the rotor draw air in and pull it through to help cool the rotor. With the extra heat dissipated there will be less brake fade.

T3 4000 series rotors are DBA's highest performing 1-piece rotors that deliver fade-free performance on the racetrack, effective grip during street racing and drifting, and comfortable, easy-to-use operation under normal driving conditions. These rotors are also best suited to high-horsepower passenger cars one might find travelling German autobahns at triple-digit velocities. Each T3 4000 series rotor features 48 grooved slots on the rotor surface to wipe away and remove any excessive heat, dust, and gasses that build up during extended braking at high speeds. You will also find those performance benefits continue in the rain, and pads will wear more consistently and eliminate "lip" formation along the outside edge of the rotor. If you're installing T3 4000 rotors with new pads, the rotors will most likely be usable with a second set of pads when the first wear out. Protective paint is applied on all non-contact areas to ensure these rotors continue to look good and resist corrosion during their extended lifespans. 


- Ensure increased pad bite and improved air circulation
- Clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction
- Create an escape route for debris, dust, and water
- Reduce stopping distances in wet weather
- Offer much faster heat dissipation
- Better resistance to warping and fading

Included in this kits is 2 front rotors, 2 rear rotors, front brake pads, rear brakes, and your choice to add front and rear stainless steel brake lines.

Choose between the following options of brake pads and optional SS lines.

- Hawk HPS
- Hawk HPS 5.0
- Hawk Performance Ceramic
- Hawk HP+
- Ferodo DS2500
- StopTech Sport
- StopTech Street

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