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Raceseng Revo Crank Pulley Red - 15-20 WRX / 13+ BRZ

We set out on a mission to put the pulley on an extensive diet using advanced product design and CAD modeling techniques. 
The goal was to achieve the following: 

  • Reduce overall mass 
  • Reduce the moment of inertia 
  • Maintain superior strength 

The Revo Crank weights 4.06 lbs. less than the OEM crank pulley and delivers an 80% reduction in rotating mass. The design keeps the mass as close as possible to the center of the pulley, requiring less torque to spin the pulleys and delivering more power to your wheels. You will feel improved throttle response and faster revs! 

  • OEM Crank Pulley - 4.89 lbs. 
  • Revo Crank Pulley - 0.83 lbs. 


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