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Super Pro Pitch Stop Mount Blue

As you move up the performance range in Subaru models - Impreza -> WRX -> STi - fewer concessions are made to comfort and more attention is paid to performance, precision and handling. One of the areas that moves on untouched is the OEM pitch stop which soldiers on a flimsly component with soft rubber bushings that allows a good amount of engine movement and can make throttle transition, shifts and the overall feel of your interaction with the car seem a bit filtered and sloppy.

SuperPro recognizes the desire for better performance here - but also understands that most people enjoy their car on the road every day which means they cannot and will not tolerate racecar levels of noise, vibration and harshness.

SuperPro's pitch stop utilizes a rigid alloy frame anodized SuperPro blue with our 80 Duro poly bushings to give the increase in performance enthusiasts demand with a level of refinement you can enjoy every day.

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