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GrimmSpeed Catted J-Pipe vs. Invidia Catted J-Pipe - Best Value vs. Best "Price"

January 31, 2020

I end up saying this to a lot of customers so I figured I would share with you in hopes that you guys can help educate other people when they are looking at parts like this.
Invidia Catted J-pipe vs GrimmSpeed Catted J-pipe
Invidia - ~$680
GrimmSpeed - $699

Yes, Invidia IS cheaper by about $20 BUT what most people or companies don't tell you is the following

GrimmSpeed Catted Comes with two very important hardware pieces that Invidia does not come with (Turbo Gasket $24 and Turbo Hardware $30)
So the price difference now comes out GrimmSpeed being a better price AND value. 
Because GrimmSpeed places their 300 cell catalytic converter to the rear end of the j-pipe, you are able to use all your factory exhaust shields around the turbo/j-pipe.

Now, let's add in the MOST important parts in my mind. GrimmSpeed is MADE IN THE USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Do' you think a $25 price difference is worth it for those two things?

It's very important to remember it's not always about what looks like the best's about what is the best VALUE.

But what about other catted brands not mentioned? These other brands are more expensive than GrimmSpeed, roughly $30 and 80. They are not made in the US, doesn't come with turbo gasket or turbo hardware and only includes a 1 year warranty. To me, that is a product that has NO value at all other than the name that is stamped on the outside of the box.

Happy shopping! 
Remember to shop SMART not CHEAP.