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New Product Available - SuperStik

March 22, 2018


We are proud to announce our newest brand: SuperStik.

With SuperStik there is no more guessing on whether you have too much oil, or not enough oil. The readings are the same each and every time!

SuperStik features:

  • Patented Multi Radial Seal Design - Keeps your system sealed from the inside and out.
  • Machined from a billet aircraft grade aluminum - and hard anodized to ensure utmost durability.
  • Easy push button operation - push the button to vent your system so you can take an accurate reading, release to re-seal, it's that easy.
  • Ergonomic design - makes one handed operation a breeze.

It is imperative you stay on top of your vehicle’s oil levels and know when you’re running low before you find out the hard way.  Performance vehicles can consume oil during periods of heavy load, especially those with forced induction.  Knowing it’s time to add some oil can save your motor and consequently, your bank account.

Consequently, its good practice to frequently check your vehicle’s oil level. We all know its impracticle to maintain this level of dedication in the real world.  With SuperStik you can ensure that when you do check your oil, you will have the most clear and accurate representation of your car’s oils level that you can get with a dipstick.  Up till now dipsticks just didn't offer the repeatability and accuracy you could depend on.

Due to the sealed nature of modern crankcases, when you remove/insert the dipstick handle from its tube, you create a syringe type of effect that distorts the oil mark on the dipstick.  This is evidenced by the frequently whacky inconsistent readings you’ll encounter, one side will be higher than the other, both sides will have weird illegible squiggly lines, that crazy looking V thing etc.  If you’ve ever used a plain  old dipstick you know what I am talking about.

The SuperStik utilizes a built in valving system that allows you to effectively bypass the o-ring’s on the dipstick handle.  With just the quick push of a button, the syringe effect is completely gone! You get a perfect, easy to see reading, each and every time!


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