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15+ WRX Lift Kits

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WRX Lift Kits For Sale

Subaru WRX Lift Kits

The iconic body style and ride of the Subaru WRX and WRX Impreza are practically unmatched. What better way to put your Subaru head and shoulders above the rest than with a suspension or body lift kit? WRX lift kits are designed to leave your car’s smooth ride unchanged but to give a serious upgrade to your WRX’s appearance and performance.

Suspension Lift Kits vs. Body Lift Kits

There are two types of lift kits. They are the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit, and each has its own advantages depending on the look and ride you’re aiming for. Typically, only a suspension lift kit can be added to a WRX because body lift kits are only applied to full-frame vehicles like trucks and SUVs. For this reason, suspension lift kits like these are the best 2015+ WRX lift kit alternatives.

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Suspension lift kits that are for sale online will involve a little more maintenance, as suspension lift parts will need to be replaced periodically. These parts are for sale online and easily accessible for the hobbyist mechanic who wants to maintain the high-lift look and performance capabilities of the WRX. Adding a suspension lift kit to your vehicle will take a great deal of effort and a variety of tools, and is generally only recommended to be performed by a professional or a very experienced mechanic. There are a variety of WRX suspension lift kits available online that can match whatever color scheme and lift specifications that you’re looking for.

The other advantage to WRX suspension lifts is that they don’t carry the same height restrictions that body lift kits do. If you decide you want to add bigger tires and custom rims to your WRX or Impreza WRX after a suspension lift kit is installed, you can. Steering stabilizers are the best investment after adding a lift kit, as the center of gravity will be affected, although the driving experience and handling will improve.

Why your WRX needs a lift kit

Subaru’s are well known for their steering capability and their power, especially in off-roading and environmentally challenging settings. The Subaru WRX is a strong performer in snow and ice and adding a lift kit allows the clearance for more aggressive tires that make a WRX or Impreza WRX undefeatable in harsh conditions. Suspension lift kits increase the cross-country ability of any 2015+ model WRX and are for sale either as a complete kit, or part by part, depending on the look and performance you want to achieve.

One piece of good news specific to the Subaru WRX is that the factory-installed front arms are adjustable and do not need to be replaced with the addition of a WRX lift kit. Stiffer suspension springs typically come with the complete 2015+ WRX suspension lift kit but are customizable as well. Stiffer springs will help act against and stabilize the higher center of gravity that comes with lifting your WRX. Overall, and with the proper customizations, the Subaru WRX lift kit will add to both the look and performance of your 2015+ WRX, especially in rugged terrain and challenging climates.


The WRX lift kit is designed to help you lift your car for better ground clearance or to help you install bigger tires. The WRX lift kit includes brackets to help you relocate the front sway bar if needed. This, in turn, enables you to compensate better for the additional lift. Even when going faster, with stock tires or on-road tires, the WRX lift kit does not impact the car’s overall performance or noise level because of how sturdy each node is. 

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