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IAG Performance Air Oil Separators

Performance driving with particular engines can make oil vapor get inside the air intake. And while many vehicles come with catch cans to prevent this, they also lead to oil loss. The solution is getting the IAG air oil separator, especially when you own a turbocharged Subaru such as an STI or WRX. This great investment will allow your car to run well. At New Provision Racing, we have what you need. We stock quality air oil separators to ensure your car runs using superior equipment.

Most vehicles are equipped with a crankcase ventilation system to handle that job. But as these gasses are rerouted to the car’s inlet system, they pick up oil while passing through the crankcase. This leads to oil buildup in the engine, which can damage it. Installing the IAG air oil separator removes the oil from the gasses recirculating, thus preventing damage.

IAG Performance Air Oil Separators for Sale

We have a huge collection of IAG AOIs, allowing you to choose what works best for you. Each IAG air oil separator product has been designed to keep your Subaru car running well. For instance, the IAG AOS V3 is one of the best you can get for your vehicle. It has been redesigned using cast aluminum to enhance durability. It also comes with an integrated coolant passage, allowing heat retention.

IAG Air Oil Separators Are a Good Investment

An IAG AOS separator can be a good investment for your car for the following reasons:

  • Prevents oil build: Using an air oil separator prevents oil from recirculating into the cylinder, meaning you enjoy the consistent performance and reduced maintenance.
  • Minimize oil loss: Catch cans can lead to significant oil loss, which you can prevent with an IAG AOS.
  • Protect the car against detonation: A separator prevents extra combustible oil from escaping into the cylinder, which can lead to premature combustion in certain parts of the engine.

As you can see, an IAG AOS is a great investment for your vehicle. And on top of that, it can increase your horsepower. Adding the AOS to your engine can make the PCV system more efficient, increasing engine horsepower.

Contact us and get the IAG air oil separator to keep your car running properly.