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WRX Carbon Fiber Front Lips for Sale

At New Provisions Racing, we offer a carbon fiber front lip tailored for the Subaru WRX, turning ordinary rides into extraordinary marvels. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate, our front lips make a powerful statement. For those who own a WRX, whether it's from 2015 or a more recent model, our carbon fiber front lips ensure your vehicle remains a cut above the rest.

When you blend innovation with superior craftsmanship, the result is our gold standard carbon fiber front lip. Our team has invested countless hours ensuring that every WRX owner gets an accessory that doesn't just fit but accentuates the car's design. With a focus on the 2020 Subaru WRX, but catering to all models, including the 2017 WRX, we can help you find the right option for your Subaru.

Upgrade Your Subaru WRX’s Front-End Style & Aerodynamics

The carbon fiber front lip is an enhancement to your Subaru WRX's aerodynamic profile. Its sleek design allows for improved airflow, minimizing drag and optimizing performance, especially in high-speed scenarios. In addition to offering style, a carbon fiber front lip contributes to the fuel efficiency of your WRX, making it a win-win addition.

As WRX owners ourselves, we recognize the car's unique character and dynamic presence. The carbon fiber front lip seamlessly blends with the car's inherent sporty nature, amplifying its appeal. Our lips are designed for the 2020 WRX and 2018+ models, promising compatibility and a snug fit. With the aim of enhancing both form and function, our front lips are a worthy addition to any WRX.

Explore Our Selection of WRX Carbon Fiber Front Lips

Our selection of carbon fiber front lips is extensive, ensuring there's something for every WRX driver. Each lip boasts quality craftsmanship and reflects our passion for perfection. Our range is focused primarily on the 2020 Subaru WRX and 2018+ models and guarantees optimal fit and enhanced appeal.

Our carbon fiber front lip is the perfect accessory for those looking to elevate their WRX's style. Beyond style, the aerodynamic advantages are undeniable, with tangible performance improvements for your Subaru. With the aftermarket scene booming, our front lips stand out, offering both unmatched quality and design.

Why Do Your Car’s Aerodynamics Matter?

  • Performance Enhancement: Improved aerodynamics can significantly boost a car's speed and efficiency. With a carbon fiber front lip, your WRX can attain higher speeds with less resistance.
  • Fuel Economy: Better aerodynamics lead to reduced drag, which can result in better fuel consumption rates. It’s an upgrade that pays for itself over time.
  • Stability: With enhanced aerodynamics, vehicles experience better stability, especially at high speeds. A front lip can ensure a smoother, safer drive.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Better aerodynamics can lead to reduced CO2 emissions, making your drive more environmentally friendly. Every bit counts towards a greener future.
  • Visual Appeal: Apart from the functional advantages, aerodynamically designed components like our carbon fiber front lip add to the car's visual appeal, giving it a sleeker, more aggressive look.

Talk To Our Experts About a Carbon Fiber Front Lip for Your WRX or STI Today

Car enthusiasts know that the finer details make all the difference. Our carbon fiber front lip promises to be that difference for your Subaru WRX or STI. Whether you drive the renowned 2017 model or the latest 2020 edition, our front lips are the upgrade you didn't know you needed.

Don’t forget to explore other enhancements like our WRX carbon fiber hood scoop. At New Provisions Racing, we are dedicated to offering the very best for your Subaru, ensuring it performs at its peak and looks the part. Get in touch with our experts today and let us help you find the perfect option for your Subaru WRX!