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Avid.1 AV-20 18x9.5 5x114.3 +38 Machined Face Wheel - Universal

AVID.1 AV-20 Wheels

New Provisions Racing offers AVID AV-20 wheels for the best price you can buy them for online. These lightweight AVID-20 wheels offer incredible value for a bank account friendly price. These wheel provide a sleep design with an aggressive attitude and an even more aggressive width to keep you planted to the street or track. These AVID AV-20 wheels utilize the latest technology to bring you lightweight wheels that can withstand the demands of racing on the track or carving up the streets during your daily commute. These wheels come with aggressive width options to fit your car’s style, performance needs, and specifications. Avid.1 AV-20 18x9.5 5x114.3 +38 Machined Face Wheel - Universal

Avid AV-20 Wheels for Sale

New Provisions Racing offers a wide variety of parts and accessories for a handful of Subaru models. We provide you with all of the parts you’ll need or want to completely customize your ride with the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price you can buy for online. The AV-20 wheels are sold at the lowest price we can offer them for because we’re car guys too and we know you want the best of the best for your ride while not breaking the bank. Call New Provisions Racing at 919-666-7642 to speak with one of our staff members who would love to get you hooked up with your set of AV-20 wheels for the lowest price you’ll find them for online.

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