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Avid.1 AV-20 18x9.5 5x114.3 +38 Machined Face Wheel - Universal

SKU: AV2018955H38MF

AVID.1 AV-20 Wheels

New Provisions Racing offers AVID AV-20 wheels for the best price you can buy them for online. These lightweight AVID-20 wheels offer incredible value for a bank account friendly price. These wheel provide a sleep design with an aggressive attitude and an even more aggressive width to keep you planted to the street or track. These AVID AV-20 wheels utilize the latest technology to bring you lightweight wheels that can withstand the demands of . . . Show More >

Avid AV-20 Wheels for Sale

New Provisions Racing offers a wide variety of parts and accessories for a handful of Subaru models. We provide you with all of the parts you’ll need or want to completely customize your ride with the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price you can buy online. The AV-20 wheels are sold at the lowest price we can offer them for because we’re car guys too and we know you want the best of the best for your ride while not breaking the bank. Call New Provisions Racing at 919-666-7642 to speak with one of our staff members who would love to get you hooked up with your set of AV-20 wheels for the lowest price you’ll find them for online.

Customize Your Subaru with AVID AV-20s

New Provisions Racing brings you all the performance parts, interior upgrades, and exterior modification parts you are looking for to fully customize your Subaru. New wheels like the AVID AV-20’S really add a whole new dynamic to your Subaru. Your new set of wheels should look incredible on your car, but they should also serve as a performance upgrade as well. AVID AV-20 wheels do just that. With their lightweight design and durability, these AVID AV-20 wheels are the best you’ll find online or in-store. AVID AV-20 wheels not only look incredible on your Subaru, but their wide design allows for them to be wrapped in a wider tire which will keep you gripping the road even under the demands of racing or simply just terrorizing the streets.

Subaru Headlights

Subispeed headlights have come out with the limited edition Subispeed V2 redline sequential LED headlights for the 15-18 WRX and 15-17 STI. These headlights are a special edition of the unrivaled first edition. If you’re worried about buying your headlights online, then worry no longer because these beauties are plug and play compatible. Their LED covers are darker now adding a more aggressive look and their vertical fins inside the housing are still lit. These headlights will dramatically change the way your car looks.

The Best WRX Exhaust System

There is not a better exhaust system you can buy for your WRX other than an Invidia exhaust system. The Invidia Gemini (R400) single layer quad-tip Catback with polished tips is the best buy and top of the line exhaust system when it comes to adding horsepower to your Subaru all the while adding a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the backside of your WRX. The smooth bends of this system allow for more airflow while producing a beautiful and respectable rumble. Buy yourself an exhaust system that not only sounds incredible but noticeably increases throttle response and overall power output. Being well under a thousand dollars, you can’t buy a higher quality system for the price.

OEM STI Spoilers

Looking to buy an OEM STI spoiler for your 15-19 WRX/STI. We’ve got you covered with unpainted OEM STI wings so you can have your local body shop paint it to match your exact car. To buy an OEM wing online can be sketchy and it can be hard to trust your source which is why we offer these wings so you can know you’re getting exactly what you’re looking to buy. These wings are impressive as they add a tremendous amount of downforce to the back end of your Subaru and not to mention they look awesome let’s be honest. If you’re looking to add this wing to a model previous the 2015’s then drilling will be necessary for installation so just have your local body shop help you out.

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The AVID AV-20 Wheel is the Best Online

With the Avid AV-20s, you can count on both quality and aesthetics. The Avid AV-20 wheels look incredible on Subaru, and many of our clients absolutely love the look. If you want to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle and give it a much more modern, spectacular look, AV-20 wheels are the way to go. You will absolutely enjoy your decision to upgrade to Avid AV-20 wheels.

The AVID AV-20 that we sell are available at the best price you will find online. At New Provisions Racing, we understand the importance of affordability, and we make sure that the AVID AV-20 wheels we have for sale online won’t kill your bank account. Give your car an aggressive attitude for racing on the track or down the streets. Suit your car’s performance needs and style preferences with the AVID AV-20s.

Our dedicated team will assist you with any questions that you may have, as our goal is to simplify the wheel buying experience as much as possible. We make it easier than ever to buy Avid AV-20 wheels online without any stress or hassle. No matter what you are looking for your Subaru, our knowledgeable, friendly team is here to help you.

All of Your Subaru Needs

New Provisions Racing is here to help you with all of your Subaru upgrade and performance needs. No matter what part you are looking for, we can help you find it online for the best price available. Our AVID AV-20 wheels are some of the best on the market, and you will absolutely love how they enhance your Subaru. Take your car to the next level of performance and appearance with the AVID AV-20. If you have any questions or need any help with your purchase, just contact our experienced team today.