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Invidia Gemini (R400) Single Layer Quad Tip Catback Exhaust - Polished Tips - 15-20 WRX/STI

If you're in the business of adding artwork, sound, performance, and value to your vehicle, then you will be pleased with the Invidia Gemini Titanium Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System. This exhaust system will provide your vehicle with a pronounced exhaust note throughout the entire RPM band, and the design improves performance from the increased piping diameter, to the smooth bends that reduce exhaust flow under acceleration. This means that you will have improvements in throttle response, and you will have increases in both horsepower and torque. 

This is a great exhaust system for those of you who enjoy the occasional weekend track day, or who enjoy the spirited drive. With the blue tip finish, this exhaust system will look great on the exterior of your vehicle. 

Exhaust hangers are welded onto the OEM locations of this exhaust system so you don't have to worry about making further modifications to the body. New hardware and gaskets will be included with this exhaust system to make it ready for installation. Invidia Gemini (R400) Single Layer Quad Tip Catback Exhaust - Polished Tips - 15-19 WRX/STI.

Invidia Exhaust WRX

The Invidia Exhaust for your WRX is great for anyone who’s looking to add a deep and aggressive sounding tone to their WRX as well as increase both horsepower and torque. This means that not only will your WRX sound better but it’ll run better as well. The technology in these systems has allowed for increased throttle response throughout the entire RPM band. Since this is a Cat-Back system, this Invidia Exhaust system is easy to install and comes with a GrimmSpeed OEM downpipe/ 3” catback adapter for only and extra 39 dollars. This Invidia exhaust system if the perfect buy for your 15-19 WRX/STI.

Invidia Exhaust WRX for Sale Online

This Invidia Gemini (R400) single layer quad tip catback system comes with polished tips and an aggressive sounding tone that is perfect for your daily driver or for the track. This exhaust system doesn’t just sound incredible but it also comes equipped with advanced technology that utilizes back pressure to increase your car’s throttle response. With an increased amount of airflow you’ll feel a noticeable amount of increased power and torque of your vehicle. This Invidia exhaust system comes equipped with hangers that are welded onto the OEM locations so you won't have to make further modification to your vehicle like you would with other exhaust system that you can buy online. The blue tips of the system will add a beautiful aesthetic appeal your vehicle that not online sounds like it means business but it’ll look like it too.

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