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DBA T2 Street Series Slotted Brake Rotors Pair - 06-07 WRX


  • Inject some street-legal braking steroids into your brake pedal with DBA T2 Slotted Rotors
  • Custom designed to directly replace your stock rotors with no modifications needed
  • Built with DBA's smart T2 bi-symmetrical curved slots that cut vibration for quieter, stronger and smoother braking
  • The curved slots help reduce uneven pad wear and protect against glazing
  • Equipped with DBA's Kangaroo Paw ventilation design for cooler braking and greater protection against warping
  • Non-directional slotting lets you use your DBA T2 Brake Rotors on either the left or right side of your ride
  • Coated with an anti-corrosive paint on non-friction areas
  • Sold in pairs

DBA Brake Rotors WRX

These DBA brake rotors for your 06-07 WRX will equip your ride with some serious stopping power. These DBA brake rotors for you WRX are designed to replace the stock rotors so that no further modications are necassary for installation. They’re designed and built with DBA’s T2 by-symmetrical curved slots that reduce vibration when braking and provide a smoother and stronger braking ability. The curved slots of these rotors help to reduce uneven pad wear which in the end saves you money while providing you with some serious stopping power. These DBA brake rotors are non-directional meaning you can use either one on either side of your vehicle and they’re sold in pairs.

DBA Brake Rotors for a WRX

These DBA brake rotors for your STI also work as WRX brake rotors because it's not just race cars that needs serious stopping power. These DBA brake rotors will provide aggressive and responsive braking power whether you're tearing it up on the street or laying it down on the track. The DBA brake rotors are the best rotors you can buy online or in stores for your ride because of their advanced braking technology that reduces vibration while providing a tremendous amount of aggressive stopping power so that you can drive your car like it’s meant to be driven. We know that going fast means you better be able to stop fast which is why we use DBA brake rotors on our own Subaru’s.

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