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08-14 STI Brake Rotors

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2008-2014 STI Brakes

Brake Mods for the 2008-2014 STI

If you’re looking for upgrades for your 2008 to 2014 STI’s brakes, there are a variety of options available to you. Whether you’re trying to improve your STI’s performance or aesthetic, the right pads, rotors, and calipers can help do the trick.

To completely overhaul your stock parts, or to upgrade bit by bit as your brakes begin to wear, New Provisions Racing offers everything for your 20018-2014 STI brake upgrades. We have what you need to modify your STI to be all custom, and all for you. But first, the basics.

When to upgrade

The best time to upgrade your factory parts is when the wear in your brakes requires it. If you feel vibration when applying your brakes, this could mean it’s time to replace your rotors. You might also need new rotors and pads if your stopping power is diminished. And of course, if you notice a pressure change in your brake pedal (i.e.: the pedal moves more freely or goes to the floor before you come to a complete stop) then your lines probably need to be replaced.

Whether out of necessity or the desire to upgrade from factory parts, your 2008-2014 STI brake style is for you to decide. New rotors can not only upgrade the performance of your vehicle, but the look as well. Your 2008-2014 STI is a reflection of your quality taste in cars; let it reflect your eye for aesthetics as well.

The Best Brakes for your Driving Style

When considering where to begin with your 2008-2014 STI brake upgrades, it’s best to first analyze your driving style. Whether your street racing or hitting the dirt track on the weekend, your 2008 STI brake needs will be dictated by what you do with your car.

Slotted or drilled rotors are best for the driver who is doing extreme braking, usually associated with the track. The slotted and drilled surfaces help to keep the rotor face clean and quickly clear gasses associated with hard braking, to cool the rotor face faster and reduce brake wear. For 2018 and newer models, New Provisions Racing offers a range of STI brakes rotors.

08-14 STI brakes and STI brake rotors for street driving can also be upgraded to meet your driving needs, and there are tons of brake pad options available as well. Consider EBC Bluestuff brake pads that will optimize your braking performance and your car’s look. These high performing street pads also come in green or red, so you can match your STI brakes to your own unique taste.

Where to Shop

All of the 08-14 STI brakes and STI parts you need are available for purchase online through your number one retailer for STI and 08 WRX parts. Shop complete brake kits or 08-14 STI brake rotors, pads, and lines separately today for the overhaul that your car needs.