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15+ WRX Brake Pads

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WRX Brake Pads

New Provisions Racing offers the best WRX brake pads and WRX brake rotors you can buy online or in stores. We know that going fast means stopping fast and everyone has a different budget which is why we offer a wide variety of WRX brake pads for sale. We carry Centric Posiquiet Ceramic brake pads for both the front and rear of your WRX or STI. The DBA SP500 performance brake pads are a slight step up and will have your WRX stopping aggressively to counteract the demands of your naturally heavy foot. EBC Brakes offer a few different options with their Bluestuff, Greenstuff, Orangestuff, yellowstuff, and Redstuff brake pad line. These pads are some of the best you’ll find on the market and they’ll have your WRX stopping on a dime.


WRX Brake Pads for Sale Online

We carry a wide variety of WRX brake pads to meet the demands and preferences of each and every one of our customers. You’ll find that we have WRX brake pads ranging in price so that you can choose the right pads for your driving style and for your budget. Not only do we sell pads and rotors but we sell complete brake kits like our 2015 WRX big brake kit. We carry brands like Ferodo, Hawk, and StopTech because we know every Subaru enthusiast has their own personal preferences. Or if you’re looking to just replace the stock brakes with Subaru OEM brake pads then we’ve got you covered. Buying online is the best way to go and if you’re unsure of what pads would be best suited for you and your WRX then give us a call here at 919-666-7642 and we’ll get you all set up with a set of pads that suits your budget and your stopping power needs.

Save money and buy WRX brake pads from all the top brands online. New Provisions Racing brings you the best brake pads for your WRX that you’ll find in store or online. The brake pads you buy makes a huge difference in your car’s performance and you shouldn’t have to shell out a crazy amount of money to get brake pads that enhance your WRX’s drivability. The Carbotech 1521 street brake pads are known to be rotor friendly and are made with a high-performance street compound that is designed to last even under tough demands. Their initial bite is excellent and aggressive which delivers you a quick braking response. If you’re looking for something a little more modest than Centric Posiquiet ceramic brake pads are the pads for you. Their durability is unwavered and they produce an ultra-low dust output that’ll help to keep your wheels nice and clean if you’re driving your Subaru to a show. We all know DBA produces some badass rotors so why wouldn’t their WRX brake pads be any less impressive? The DBA SP500 street performance brake pads for your WRX are the ultimate pads for racing or tearing up the streets. Their consistent pedal feel allows you to communicate better with your vehicle and have a better braking feel. These WRX brake pads can operate at an incredible 500°C while still maintaining their stopping power which makes them the choice brake pads for the harshest of racing demands. EBC is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to WRX brake pads and their “Stuff” line does not disappoint. These pads feature a low dust output while maintaining their stopping power consistency all throughout their wear life. Check out their full line to see what set suits your vehicle best!

Subaru WRX Brake Pads

Shop the best WRX brake pads online at New Provisions Racing. If you hear a screeching metal on metal sound, that’s a warning sign that it’s time to upgrade your Subaru WRX Brake pads. No matter what you need for your WRX, we have it available online in our expansive store. We offer a large selection of brake pads of the tops brands including StopTech, Hawk, Ferodo, FactionFab, and more.

Weekend autocrossers may particularly enjoy the Hawk PS brake pads. The premium ceramic pads are perfect for high-performance, high-demand driving, including your daily commute. Ferodo also makes pads that are excellent for occasional track days or daily street driving. For daily drivers, Stoptech is a great, reliable option.

New brake pads will help your car stop aggressively while cutting up the track or just cruising around the block. We offer a huge selection of WRX brake pads to ensure that you can find the perfect one for your 15+ WRX. In addition to our WRX brake pads and rotors, we also sell complete brake kits, like the 2015 WRX Big Brake Kit, to make things even easier. We understand that each Subaru driver has their own brake preferences, which is why we carry all of the top brands and pads. Swap out your stock brakes with Subaru OEM brake pads or one of the other Subaru WRX brake pad parts above.

The Best WRX Brake Pads Online

New Provisions Racing is proud to offer the best WRX brake pads for sale online. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that you need top brake pads for your WRX, but that affordability is also important. We make it easier for you to skyrocket your WRX’s performance and drivability without shelling out the big bucks. The WRX brake pads you will find in our online store are rotor-friendly, aggressive, and incredibly durable. Don’t settle for brake pads that are less impressive than your rotors.

Upgrade your WRX today with new Subaru WRX brake pads from New Provisions Racing. Browse our diverse selection of the best brands and brake pads on the market to find the ones that are right for your Subaru. If you need any help or have any questions, our dedicated team is always available to help. Shop our online store today and just contact us if you need assistance!

New Provisions Racing has the best brake pads for sale. Whether you need racing or street performance brakes, we have a wide range of products available. Our selection of brake pads for sale provides you with the best results when you need them most. These products feature a variety of benefits, including excellent bite, low dust, low noise levels, and consistent response levels.

New Provisions Racing is the elite supplier of the best performance parts online. Shop our online store today!