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15+ WRX Coilovers

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2019 WRX Coilovers For Sale

Do you want to give your WRX a more aggressive look? Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be behind the wheel of a lowered car? Wonder no more as we have coilovers kits for sale, which can do all of that and more.

2015 WRX Coilovers and 2019 WRX Coilovers

A staple of car shows and performance vehicles, these custom suspension components allow you to adjust the ride height and offer better handling while improving aesthetic appeal. Your car will ride smoother and your vehicle will have better grip for making turns. Other suspension systems require much trial and error but coilovers are almost always perfectly balanced right after installation. You’ll be hard pressed to find a product better at perfecting your vehicle’s weight distribution. Instead of trying to mix and match springs to achieve the perfect look, coilovers will do the work of both in a single part. To guarantee compatibility with your vehicle we carry 2015 WRX coilovers to 2019 WRX coilovers.

Factionfab coilovers come highly recommended. This manufacturer provides the ultimate blend of form and function in their line of coilovers for the WRX and STI. With three types to choose from, these coilovers can be used both on and off the track. The F Spec line is perfect for street drivers while performance racers will benefit from the FR Spec’s stiffer spring rate and more aggressive shock value. The FL Spec is the happy medium of the two, ideal for both street and light track use. They’re one of the many incredible aftermarket vendors we have for sale in our effort to give you the best 2015 WRX to 2019 WRX coilovers.

Forget the Dealers

If your car is in need of a makeover or you want to give it a little personality, coilovers are exactly what you need. Drive in safety and style with these coilovers mods installed in your WRX. Drive with confidence after shopping with us.

New Provisions Racing offers the best selection in aftermarket mods for sale both online and in store for the Subaru 2015 WRX to 2019 WRX. We pride ourselves in offering not only excellent parts and accessories but an unbeatable customer service experience. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will happily answer all of your questions to make sure you find exactly what you need at the prices you want. Never settle for second best when you can come to New Provisions Racing instead. Visit us online or in store today. We look forward to serving you.

Purchase Your 2015+ WRX Coilovers from New Provisions Racing.

New Provisions Racing has a collection of high quality WRX coilovers for sale online, ranging from 2015 WRX coilovers to 2021 WRXcoilovers. 2015 WRX coilovers decrease your Subaru’s center of gravity, making the chassis stiffer and enabling for better control and cornering.

Coilover springs to avert the bottoming out of the chassis. Coilovers also provide support for each of the wheels on a vehicle. In addition, coilovers decrease or mitigate the body roll of a vehicle when cornering or taking turns at high speeds. These springs also aid in decreasing diving and squatting when decelerating or accelerating.
When looking for a WRX Coilover for your Subaru WRX STI, New Provisions provides:

  • 2015 WRX coilovers
  • 2016 WRX coilovers
  • 2017 WRX coilovers
  • 2018 WRX coilovers
  • 2020 WRX coilovers

Also in our catalog, you can find the 2015 WRX wing and other vehicle enhancements that will make your Subaru uniquely yours. Shop our selection today!