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FactionFab Coilovers for Sale

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Have you ever wanted to give your WRX or STI a more aggressive look? Have you ever wanted to use a mod to make it sit lower? With the right coilovers you can achieve both. A staple of car shows and performance vehicles, these custom suspension components allow you to adjust the ride height and offer better handling while improving aesthetic appeal.

Factionfab Coilovers

Factionfab carries three types of coilovers to meet all driver’s needs in any WRX or STI. The F Spec will give your car an aggressive lowered look while improving and steering response and dramatically changing handling. Much smoother than the stock suspension, they let you adjust height to a cool, lowered stance while remaining comfortable behind the wheel.

 The FR Spec was designed for performance driving. It has an increased spring rate and damping coefficient in the shocks than the F Spec to give you absolute vehicle control under aggressive conditions. Along with a stiffer spring rate, more aggressive shock valve, and more fluid viscosity than the F Spec, these coilovers have high temperature and higher stability shock fluid.  Much better suited for circuit driving, they give your vehicle the perfect combination of form and function.

The FL Spec has spring rates and shock valving between the F and FR. The most versatile of the three, it works for both street and light track use. Its pillowball, camber-adjustable aluminum top hats reduce suspension deflection under intense driving conditions while still offering fine alignment adjustments.

To truly understand Factionfab’s dedication to functionality, design, and user experience, you’ll need more than a makeover. We also carry Factionfab brakes and rear brake upgrade kits for sale in store and online. Their products have been engineered and manufactured with innovation, quality, and performance in mind.

We’ve Got You Covered

To achieve a truly customized look that gives your vehicle attitude and personality, give your WRX or STI coilovers. To find a wide variety of Factionfab coilovers for sale to choose from, come to New Provisions Racing.

Like Factionfab we conduct our business with customer expectations and experience in mind.  We’re fully dedicated to offering unbeatable customer satisfaction. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and find the parts you need at the prices you want, no gimmicks and no extras. At New Provisions Racing we guarantee fast shipping, unbeatable prices, and excellent quality parts and accessories for your WRX or STI.

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