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High Quality FactionFab Brakes & Parts

If you’re looking to overhaul your brakes on your 2015+ Subaru WRX or STI, or you need to replace pads, rotors, or brake lines on your vehicle and you want to give your ride an aesthetic edge without compromising its ride, FactionFab parts offers a full line of FactionFab pads, rotors, lines and more. New Provisions Racing offers the full line of FactionFab brakes and accessories you’ll need for your upgrade. To give your ride the competitive edge in street performance while maintaining a smooth daily ride, FactionFab F-Spec Street Coilovers are an absolute necessity. These 32-way adjustable monotube shocks are versatile enough to perform on soft terrain, the racetrack, or canyon drives on the weekend. These FactionFab brake parts come as a complete set, including dampening and height adjustment tools. They also include the top hats required to make this set a complete replacement for your factory suspension.

If you’re looking for a more aggressive lowered look in your older model STI or WRX, FactionFab has brakes and coil kits for those too. The FactionFab coilovers have all the features and independent ride height adjustability that allows the driver or mechanic to set the preferred height without having to worry about shock travel. FactionFab brakes are designed to enhance appearance and performance with no loss to ride quality. FactionFab parts also encompass the pads, rotors and brake lines you’ll need for professional level performance enhancement. To improve your overall brake response, brake cooling and thermal stability for your 2018-2020 model STI, slotted front brake rotors are the perfect upgrade. They’re bi-directional, which means there's no specific left/right designation, and they’re mill balanced for reduced vibration.

To complete the upgrade, FactionFab parts offer a variety of FactionFab brake pads that are the perfect pair for their rotors. These high performing 04-17 FactionFab F-Spec rear brake pads are ideal for the STI that’s ready to do some aggressive street driving. They’re low noise, have great low temperature operation, and are optimized for long rotor life. These pads offer superior stability and easy pedal modulation for the 15-19 WRX during street driving or light track racing. FactionFab parts also offers complete FactionFab brake upgrade kits to eliminate the guesswork and set you up with the parts you need for a complete brake overhaul. These kits include rotors, pads, and brake lines in a single upgrade that your street or light track racing Subaru needs. Shop the full line of FactionFab brakes and parts at New Provisions Racing.