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15+ STI Brake Rotors

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STI Brake Rotors

New Provisions Racing offers only the best and highest quality racing and street parts for your Subaru. We carry the best STI brake rotors from different vendors so that we can provide you the best of the best for your Subaru no matter what year model you’re driving. The Centric C-Tek standard front brake rotors are perfect for your 04-17 STI if you’re not looking to break the bank while providing the best quality rotor for your Subaru. The DBA 4000 Series drilled/slotted rotors for both the front and rear are equipped with the most advanced stopping power technology to keep your parts from warping under the heat and demands of racing and driving your Subaru like it’s meant to be driven.

Even the most elaborately modded vehicle is useless if its safety system doesn’t receive as much attention. Only high quality calipers, brake pads, and rotors can keep up with a driver like you. Keep your vehicle on the road and at peak performance with 15 STI brake rotors. We have slotted, drilled, smooth, and slotted and drilled brake rotors available to buy online now.

The Best Brake Rotors To Buy Online

If you’re concerned about dust and gas accumulating between the rotors and pad, consider a slotted rotor. Best utilized in heavy duty vehicles, they improve braking consistency by reducing friction in the brake pads. Options we carry include the StopTech Slotted Sport Brake Rotor or the DBA 5000 Series T-3 Slotted Two Piece Rotor.

Drilled rotors provide an aesthetic upgrade in addition to cooling. They perform well in rainy climates, delivering more friction and bite than their slotted counterparts. Our drilled rotors include the SportTech Sport Drilled Brake Rotors.

Drivers who need rotors that maintain structural integrity after extreme use and absorb heat generated by the braking system will benefit most from using smooth rotors. Their plain nature is what contributes to their longevity, making them the overall longest lasting. Endurance racers or vehicle owners who don’t often drive aggressively should consider the Centric Premium High Carbon Brake Rotor or Centric C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor.

Rotors that are drilled and slotted include the benefits of both at no expense. While not recommended for performance racing, they’re the perfect pick for heavier vehicles such as those used for towing or trucks. Luxury vehicles are starting to come with these rotors, both for aesthetic appeal and consistency of maintenance. The DBA 4000 Series and EBC Brakes 3DG Series Sport Rotors are only two of the many we have available for purchase.

Why stop at 15 STI Brake Rotors? Many of the 15 WRX Performance Parts we have are also compatible with your STI. We have some of the best names in interior accessories, suspension parts, and performance brakes online for sale. 

Brake Rotors for Your STI

New Provisions Racing makes sure to encompass all of the parts you need to get the job done which is why we got you covered with everything from STI brake pads to WRX brake rotors. No matter what year or model you’re sporting, we carry the parts you need for the price you want. Call us at 919-666-7642 to speak with one of our staff members about what parts you need and what would be best for your vehicle. We believe in only selling you the best parts that you actually need and we know first hand because we equip our own vehicles with the parts we sell. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your vehicle at the price that works for you!

A solid set of rotors can make all the difference for your Subaru. New Provisions Racing has all of the best STI brake rotors and 06 STI parts you’re looking for from most trusted companies on the market. We offer a wide range of rotors to suit your driving needs, vehicle specs, and budget. Centric C-Tek standard front brake rotors are the perfect OE style replacement rotor with a machined non-friction surface. These direct replacement brakes add stopping power ability to your Subaru. Their machined face allows for smooth and efficient braking capabilities. The Centric C-Tek rotors non-directional finish ensures that there is less of a break in period so there’s not waiting for their performance capabilities. If you’re looking for beefier STI brake rotors then look no further than the DBA 4000 STI series drilled/slotted rotors for both the front and rear of your Subaru. Their drilled and slotted design allows for maximum cooling which means maximum stopping power and reliability under the demands of racing. One of the best sets of rotors you can buy for your Subaru STI are the EBC 3GD Series sport/dimpled slotted rotors. Their racing inspired design combines both a drilled and slotted design that works to quickly dissipate heat while collecting and expelling brake dust to ensure a smooth contact between brake pad and rotor.

And Much More

If you’re still not sure which are the right brake rotors to buy, we’ll happily help you find what you need. New Provisions Racing carries only the best selection of performance brakes online and in store. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best customer service experience. Ready to upgrade your driving experience? Give us a call or visit us in store or online. We look forward to helping you.