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DBA 4000 Series Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors Front Pair - 04-17 STI

DBA 4000 Brake Rotors for STI

New Provisions Racing stocks the best STI brake rotors you can buy online. The DBA 4000 brake rotors come with an advanced drilled and slotted designed that will take your WRX or STI’s braking ability to the next level. The DBA 4000 WRX rotors for your 04-17 model are a direct fit for the front and no other modifications are necessary to install these rotors. The DBA 4000 brake rotors provide the best stopping power for your car with teardrop pillar ventilation which dissipates heat quickly under the physical and strenuous demands of racing. These DBA 4000 rotors come with Thermographic Temperature Monitoring which includes heat paint markings that change color at specific temperatures which allows the driver to know what the peak braking temperatures are. This allows them to make informed decisions on what brake pad compounds to use. The DBA 4000 rotors will set you apart from the competition and with their paint protection on non-friction areas, they’re less likely to corrode and rust which saves you money in the long run! These advanced rotors are made from Alloyed iron which allows for them to withstand the high braking temperatures that competitive racing places on them. With their ability to withstand increible heat and their drilled and slotted design, these DBA 4000 rotors will have no problem helping you stop fast and perform at an optimal level of racing. Buying these rotors online is the best thing you can do to help your Subaru stop fast and outperform the competition.

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